Sep. 20th, 2011

sppandaaa: (Default)

Welp, so giving nyotalia group another shot.
This time with a fresh batch of new people!

Hopefully we can work this out this go around. I really do like nyotalia, and would like to get a nice group together. haha


America - [ profile] sppandaaa
Canada - OPEN
China - [ profile] rindou_yume (tentative)
England - Angela Chao
France - [ profile] esmereina
Germany - OPEN
Italy (North) - [ profile] technoranma (tentative)
Italy (South) - [ profile] wingting980
Japan - [ profile] astachan
Russia - OPEN
Prussia - [ profile] chibiplz
Spain - moonlight876

There are more nyotalia nations, I think Asta wants to fill up the main 8 before really moving onto the rest of the other characters. But I listed a couple of non-main 8 countries I figured that we might probably want regardless.

So just leave a comment here if you want to join.
[ profile] technoranma you should come to AnimeNEXT and be Italian for us *shot*