Oct. 12th, 2011

sppandaaa: ([Len Kagamine] Magical Wand)

I've been swooped up in the Idolm@ster craze. Whoops?
I've come to accept the fact it's a fandom here to stay for quite some time. I mean look at all these pretty outfits, and cute characters. *A*

**Azusa, Iori, and Ami have the option of doing the Ryuuguu Komachi, Dragon Palace outfits instead.**


Katsucon )

AnimeNEXT outfit is still up for debate. We'll either wear the Vital Sunflower again, make a new outfit, or possibly do both for those of us who have it done/ are up for the task. If you have any suggestions of which outfits to do please feel free to throw them at me. We can make a group decision on what to do later.


AnimeNEXT )