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I ordered from Joanns online 'cuz fuck if I can get to a physical Joanns. But I ordered one of their bottomweights which was on sale.

Bottomweight I ordered here

Now some people are fortunate enough to have their colors, some not so much, and for those, you'll have to venture into the land of fabric dying. If you need help with that just let me know, and I'll be happy to help you. Of course this applies more so with the local people doing this. It will be harder for you non-local people, but we can try making it work. (skype party!)


I got my pattern from ebay. It was McCalls pattern 5633.

Ebay Link

The pattern I got is from size 4-10, so if that fits your range, I would be more than happy to lend it to you. For you guys bigger than the size 10 then I can try helping you locate a pattern your size, just let me know.


Hopper street has two shirts.

I got the white one from Micheal's. It's just one of those regular white plain t-shirts you can pick up at any craft store which are used for tie dye an whatnot. The black tank underneath is just a plain non-textured tank that I was able to pick up from H&M.

Both shirts need to be modified by cutting shorter, and the white shirt needs to be turned into a scoop neck, but I'm sure you guys can do that just fine, and already knew that. haha

Shirt Design

Suzanne was a kind soul who sent me the vector she made for her Angel Hearts crew for their Hopper Street outfits. I don't wanna post it up here on LJ where anyone on LJ can see and just take it, so I'll send it to you guys on facebook in a group PM or something.

I'm going to go the route of iron-on transfer for the design 'cuz it's far easier than heat n bond, which is probably the best solution, but meh, I'm a lazy fuck and have plenty of other things to work on. lolz


I didn't even bother going accurate with the shoes. They seem like more of a pain than they will be worth to try to do accurately at this point. One day, maybe yes, let's have accurate shoes, but 2012 will not be that year.

I went with black airwalks that I was able to pick up at payless. I think I might have saw some that could work for Hibiki, but basically any converse like shoes with one major color (your character image color) and the welt being white.

If you can't find a shoe with your character image color you can just get a pair of white ones and paint them. Depending on the material your shoe is made out of you can probably use wither acrylic or fabric paint.


I'm taking care of everyone's belts to absolutely insure that part matches since it's the only part of the outfit where everything matches and is absolutely the same to a T.