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Reference post thing for my girls doing this with me at Katsu, and other future candidates!

**Info is subject to change. I will let you all know when everything is finalized**

We're going the route of cotton sateen since it'll be easier to gradient dye than using a satin.

We decided it would be more efficient to order from online since that way we'll be able to match our fabrics for sure and having them ship your fabric to you might be more cost effective for everyone in the end.

Blue Cotton Sateen
Black Cotton Sateen


Searching for trim still.


Searching for buttons still.

Dyes and Paint

And as I said earlier we'll be gradient dying 'cuz lolz there is a gradient.
Using RIT's Royal Blue

Now rather than hand sewing on sequences which will not only be extremely time consuming I feel it would honestly take away from the outfit 'cuz making sure they're perfect and shit. No. lolz Guys, I suck I'll mess up, so instead we're going with the glitter paint route. Much quicker and ten times easier.

SoSoft Glittering Topcoat

This glitter paint dries clear, so we don't have to worry about it messing with the fabric color or the gradient dye.

**Remember when doing anything with the paint or dye to test everything out first!**


Well the Floral outfits boots are not fun. Let me tell you that. We'll be going with these Black GoGo Boots as a base, and chopping them at the ankle so we can easily work with boot covers which can be skin tight.

One person will be designated to draft the patterns for the boot covers.