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Buuuuh doing this super late (seeing as birthday is this Saturday) but here we go a list of things I want this season.

Tales of
• Flynn Scifo rubber strap
• Emil Castagnier rubber strap
• Asbel Lhant (anything)
Nyan Lloyd Shirt
• 2013 Calender

• Romano one coin figure (to complete my series one set)
• China rubber strap
• Taiwan rubber strap
• America rubber strap
• England rubber strap
• 2013 calender
• Hetalia vol. 3 (JPN)
• Arte Stella

• Idolm@ster 2 the best for the PS3
• Makoto Kikuchi Rubber strap
• Makoto Kikuchi IM@S2 Character album
• Animation Master Special 4
• Art Books/ Guide Books

• Cure Sunny Figure
• Shiny Perfume
• Potpourri plushie
• Shiny Tambourine
• Cure Sunshine figure

• Vocaloid EndlessroLL album

• Dynasty Warriors 6 or 7
• Goldeneye for the PS3
• Wigs (Specifics in mind for: Hannes, Ciel, Len, and Curtis)
• Contacts (Specifics in mind: Green, Gray, Blue)
• DW or DA paid time
• Show Luo's JPN singles or album

That being said, anything Hetalia, IM@S, Tales of, Precure or Vocaloid will make me happy so if you want to get me anything not on the list that's totally okey in my books. The list here could really just be looked at as a guide of things I would enjoy.
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