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I've been swooped up in the Idolm@ster craze. Whoops?
I've come to accept the fact it's a fandom here to stay for quite some time. I mean look at all these pretty outfits, and cute characters. *A*

**Azusa, Iori, and Ami have the option of doing the Ryuuguu Komachi, Dragon Palace outfits instead.**


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AnimeNEXT outfit is still up for debate. We'll either wear the Vital Sunflower again, make a new outfit, or possibly do both for those of us who have it done/ are up for the task. If you have any suggestions of which outfits to do please feel free to throw them at me. We can make a group decision on what to do later.


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So about 150 of you on my f-list please feel free to ignore this. I just need some place I can post this publicly, and organized at the same time Something Tumblr, and facebook both don't offer. Whoops?

Now accepting applications for the AnimeNEXT MUN Panel.
If you haven't done so yet, please Like the facebook page for future updates regarding this panel.

No word on time or place yet people. We're hoping Saturday afternoon, but we'll have to see how that plays out.

You may apply for any character open, and may fill out multiple applications for as many different characters as you want. Decisions are based on who is the best applicant for the character, and it is NOT being given out on a first come first serve basis. This gives a better chance of the right man getting the job, and limits playing favorites between people.

We are looking out to fill up the Allies and Axis, and any canon characters in the security council for the 2011 year before other nations.

You may apply for any characters besides them as well, but Allies, Axis and Security Council members get priority pick. as we limit the cast list a limit to around 15 people give or take 2 or 3 upon our discretion.

There are some taken characters at this point however:
America - Monty
Belarus - Ginny
China - Laura
England - Megan
France - Kate
Italy (North) - Maura

Everyone else not listed is fair game.

To apply leave a comment with the following information:

Your Name: [Fill out your name here]
Character Name: [Fill out the character name you are applying for here]
Character Tidbit: [Please fill out a brief synopsis of your interpretation to the character you are applying for. Do not use any online profiles already out there. This must be YOUR own.]
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IDK why I am bothering. I know most likely people won't join, but whatever. I'll try anyway. This is just how much I love HetaQuest. As some of you know I have a real obsession with HetaQuest as of late, so already planning on cosplaying it for next year, I wanna see if I can get a few people to join in on the fun with me, so I won't be so lonely.

Not limited to the characters listed at all what so ever. HetaQuest encompasses most Hetalia characters, so that would be just way too much to list, so I kept it to main party members of the Feli Chapter and Alfred Chapter unless someone else said they would cosplay a character I didn't list already.

More HetaQuest Art [Photobucket Link]
Pixiv Tag

Don't be surprised if I make more group cosplay posts for the next little while

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AnimeNEXT or as we called it over the weekend GhettoCon 2010 con report.

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And that was AnimeNEXT... I think. I probably left out some things, but let's remember my memory sucks, and you want me to remember 4 days of worth of fun.

Argh, Guys we need to hang out again sometime soon. I miss you guys way too much.