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So somethings that have happened

♘ I'm a big girl now, and have my own cell phone bill in my name. For the past several months me and my brother have been sharing the phone bill, but our contract was finally up this month so we have gone our separate ways. Thank God too 'cuz I can not handle how much he talks on the phone.

♘ Black Friday. Being someone who works in retail, of course I had to work that day. I did a crazy 12 hour shift in the Toys department.

♘ All of my hard work in Toys has paid off, topped off with the apparently really great job I did on Black Friday, it got me employee of the month for November in my store. Fuck yeah! I got an extra $40 in my check, a shirt, and a tag that says "associate of the month" for my lanyard.

♘ Tales has taken over my life even more.

♘ Actually, I'm quickly losing control of it.

♘ I joined the Tales of Real World RP as Asbel. abububu This is a lot of fun. I haven't done a formal organized RP in a long time, so it's nice and refreshing. I hope I can keep up with it. Though it being tumblr I don't think it should be too hard... the same could have been said for those twitter RPs lolz

♘ Hi, I spent about $76 on two cell phone cases for Tales

♘ Guess now would be a good time to say I got an iPhone 4. Part of me wishes I got the 4S now, but meh, what can you do? Since I'm the main number on the contract I should be able to upgrade after a year or something like that. My mom did it before.

♘ Oh yeah, my birthday happened. I turned 22. I spent my day with [profile] angeldranger (Amanda). We went to Chinatown, and got delicious dim sum, I pre-ordered Show's CD (which I still need to pick up), got mochi ice cream, bought video games, tons of window shopping, meet up with [profile] sagekiller (Mandy) pizza dinner and saw Lincoln, which was an incredibly good movie, and everyone should see it. I got to express all my love and feels for Lincoln with Mandy.

♘ Now for some sad news, Saturday morning my dog, Eldo passed away. I cried all of Saturday. I actually couldn't stop crying. I cried at everything. Saturday was the day I was a pansy. Thank you to all my broskis who sent me encouraging messages and tried to cheer me up. It truly meant a lot to me. Yesterday I was still pretty depressed and took off from work. Today I'm doing a lot better, but I'm still pretty down. It's going to be so weird for a while with no pets in the house, and no one to go home and huggle and give scratches to.

♘ In less depressing news, I've been enjoying the animu going on right now. I'm watching a lot of stuff all at once, and I didn't watch anime for three weeks a, so I've spent the past week trying to catch up. I'm mostly there. Just need to catch up with about 3 more shows or so. I have a list up on Tumblr with all the current series I'm watching if anyone is interested. My favorite anime from this season is probably Zetsuen. I've also really enjoyed K, Kami-Sama, and Tonari.


♘ Me and Ari are entered in the WCS eastern prelims at Katsu. I got the official acceptance letter this morning, and I was super stoked to see it. I can't wait to get started on this cosplay, perform it, and see what others are doing. *A*

But me and Ari are doing a Tsubasa skit, which if everything goes according to plan will be really awesome. I feel pretty confident in our skit, so that means I need to step up my craftsmanship game. Good thing I have Ari to help me for when I fail. haha

♘ Actually while I'm here, here are my katsu cosplay plans as of right now.

I can't express enough how stoked I am for Katsucon.

And I think that's it for now. *A*